Semantic memory and metacognitive illusions

Conférence Recherche
le  23 octobre 2018Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire
Conférence de M. Santiano Arango-Munoz, université d'Antioquia (Medellin - Colombie)
Bertrand Russell once pointed out that most of our knowledge presupposes memory.
Russell also privileged episodic memory over semantic memory, and thus called it “true-memory”. In this talk, I’m going to defend the importance of semantic memory and analyze some of its properties.
Then, I’m also going to present some metacognitive illusions related to semantic memory and show how they cast doubt upon our metacognitve capacity to know our own mental dispositions to remember.
I’m going to end this talk showing how some these metacognitive illusions may be corrected.
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