Reference in Remembering Workshop

Séminaire Recherche
30 juin 2022 - 2 juillet 2022Saint-Martin-d'Hères - Domaine universitaire
A 3-day workshop bringing together researchers from around the world. Workshop organisé par le Centre de Philosophie de la Mémoire (CPM)

Episodic memory enables us to consciously ‘relive’ experienced events from our personal past. You might remember making coffee this morning and sensorily recall what it was like to smell the coffee grounds or to see the kettle reach a boil. Success in this activity requires that there be a certain relationship between your present act of remembering and the past event in question, yet the reference-fixing and accuracy conditions of episodic remembering remain obscure. The thriving work on memory in philosophy and the sciences strongly suggests that continued progress requires more attention—and new approaches—to these particular issues. The aim of the proposed workshop is to cast new light on the multi-faceted relationship between reference, singular thought, and remembering by bringing together, for the first time, researchers specializing on these topics.

Programme : 

June 30 2022

MACI - Université Grenoble Alpes

09:20–09:30. Welcome.
09:30–10:40. François Recanati, ‘Pure memory’.
10:40–11:00. Coffee break.
11:00–12:10. Nikola Andonovski, ‘Engrams as mental files: A moderately optimistic proposal’.
12:10–13:30. Lunch.
13:30–14:40. Rachel Goodman (and Aidan Gray), ‘Thinking (and filing) across time’.
14:40–15:50. Michael Barkasi, ‘Remembering what your brain doesn’t’.
15:50–16:10. Coffee break.
16:10–17:20. Sarah Robins, ‘The target of remembering’.
19:30. Dinner reservation.

July 1st 2022

MACI - Université Grenoble Alpes

09:30–10:40. Kristina Liefke & Markus Werning, ‘Parasitic mnemonic reference’.
10:40–11:00. Coffee break.
11:00–12:10. Kourken Michaelian & James Openshaw, ‘Reconstructing reference’.
12:10–13:30. Lunch.
13:30–14:40. Imogen Dickie, ‘The role of episodic memory in present-tense demonstrative thought’.

Group activity, followed by flexible evening plans.

July 2nd 2022

CTL - Université Grenoble Alpes

09:00–10:10. Christoph Hoerl, ‘Singular thought without temporal representation?
10:10–10:30. Coffee break.
10:30–11:40. Denis Perrin (and Christopher McCarroll), ‘Veridical remembering: Accuracy and authenticity in episodic memory’.
11:40–12:50. Manuel García-Carpintero, ‘Memory-based reference, IEM and presupposition-failure’.

Organizer: James Openshaw (CPM, Université Grenoble Alpes).

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